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"With FOUR, we wanted pairings that enhanced the food with complementing and contrasting elements. The wine experience will progress from course to course in the same way as the desserts.

The wines don’t act merely as a sidekick, they complete the experience."

- Steve Ash, certified Wine & Spirit Education Trust


August Kesseler Kabinett Riesling 2018

This August Kesseler Kabinett Riesling is fruity and well-balanced with notes of apple and peach to compliment the first course. Kabinett is a designation for high quality German Riesling with a little residual sugar left over from fermantation (32 g/L in this wine). This off-dry sweetness pairs perfectly with the fruit and glaze in the dish.



Treveri Cellars Sparkling Rose Brut This Sparkling Rose

This wine is crisp with hints of berries to complement the earthiness of the main ingredient of the second course, and there’s just enough residual sugar to partner with the nutty base sauce. Our favorite aspect though is how the bubbly effervescence of the sparkling wine creates a textural contrast to the dish itself. This course illustrates that with food + wine, the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts. 



Riunite Lambrusco

Fresh cherry, raspberry in this juicy lambrusco are a lovely pair to the primary part of this course and the fruity highlights on the plate. Lambrusco is also a sparkling wine, but in contrast to the Sparkling Rose, the bubbles in lambrusco come from a secondary tank fermantation process called the Charmat method. Due to that you will find the bubbles to be a bit softer in this wine, which works perfectly with the texture of the main part of this course.

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