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Rod Gambassi & Marc Adams

As we learn to accept that recent changes are here to stay for the foreseeable future we have made changes at R&M Dessert Bar for our safety and for our guests.


In January we made a few decisions to make some changes to the design and ambiance of R&M Dessert Bar. Then came the tragic situation we have been walking through. Everything we planned got put on hold, we moved into survival mode for our business and looked to reach out to our community and neighborhood healthcare workers.


As time has passed we have come to accept the new reality for the restaurant industry. Rather than live in the past we made the decision in April to push forward with the future of our business and the future of our neighborhood.


​Everyone already knows that there will be changes to how all of us access restaurants  into the next few years. We have already redesigned our restaurant space to accommodate new social distancing regulations. We are confident in our decisions to make our space welcoming and as safe as possible.


Our health, the health of our guests and the future of our business depends on everyone's understanding and participation in respecting new social rules. 


All of our desserts are available to go or delivered via Uber Eats. There is no seating at R&M Dessert Bar.  Wine and non alcoholic drinks are also always available.


For now and into the immediate future we will maintain our expanded operating hours.


​Our Thursday Chef's Tasting Events via to go boxes will continue permanently. We are glad that so many of you are enjoying this presentation of our special concept.


Above everything else we want to say thank you to everyone who has supported our business this year. Our dream and our work to provide amazing desserts keeps going because of that support. We promise that even in this strange and sad time we are working to bring a even more experiences and amazing tastes to you.


We are glad everyone has been enjoying their Chef's Tasting Events at home. Reservations for this month are now available at rmdessertbar.com (rmdessertbar.com) . Remember our Tasting Event menu changes every month so next month will bring five new desserts in your tasting box.

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